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Workshop Expert Online's accounting facilities have been specifically designed for the workshop environment. They include sales and purchase ledgers, as well as VAT analysis. The accounting facilities fully integrate with the sales procedures so that all purchases and sales automatically update the necessary ledgers. There is also the facility to export to SAGE.

Sales ledger

Workshop Expert Online automatically maintains a full sales ledger for all sales to all customers. All invoices raised from job cards automatically update the ledger and manual invoices can be created for sales that do not directly follow on from a quotation.

Sales invoice enquiry

It is possible to search for sales invoices by typing the initial characters of one of the enquiry types listed. Workshop Expert Online can search on any one of a number of fields and options exist for sorting the resulting list by customer name or sales invoice.

Customer account enquiry

Workshop Expert Online can instantly display the transactions of an individual customer by finding customer accounts selected by date. There is also an option to show zero balances (transactions that are paid).

Customer statements

Workshop Expert Online provides the ability to list customers with an outstanding balance on their account, and optionally show customers with zero balances and include zero transactions (ie, warranty invoices). Workshop Expert Online can then produce printed statements as required.

Fleet control & sub accounts

The option of linking multiple subaccounts to a master account for fleet invoicing is available in Workshop Expert Online.

Insurance splits

Workshop Expert Online enables invoices to be split so that an insurance company can be billed and the excess charged to the customer.

Purchase ledger

Workshop Expert Online can maintain a full purchase ledger for all purchases from all suppliers. Manual orders may be created directly in ledgers.

Supplier payments

The accounts facilities can record payments in full or in part against an outstanding invoice or make a payment on account. They provide the ability to create and print remittance advice notes and record comments about a supplier.

Account enquiry

The account enquiry screen enables you to view the invoices and credits issued by your supplier. You can see which items are paid or unpaid, reprint documents or post transactions to the purchase ledger.

Sales & purchase reports

Workshop Expert Online's accounts facilities enable reports to be created showing purchases or sales on a particular day or within a particular month. Workshop Expert Online can print a report if required.

VAT accounting

Workshop Expert Online is able to create reports showing a one-page summary of VAT data for a given period. It can display goods values and VAT values for invoices, credit notes and totals for each VAT code that has been used. It is also able to produce reports showing the VAT return selected by the start and end of a fi nancial period.

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