Tyre Sales

Workshop Expert Online's tyre sales module provides dedicated functionality for the sale and purchase of tyres. This includes a comprehensive tyre database, a tyre sales screen and online ordering.

Tyre sales module 1Tyre product database

The tyre database stores all tyre records in one place. It operates in the same way as Workshop Expert Online's parts database, but has additional tyre-specific fields. This data can be displayed at point-of-sale and is fully searchable.

Tyre data import

Tyre data can be imported from a supplier in the format of a CSV fi le. All tyre database fields can be imported, including prices and stock levels.

2012 tyre labelling

Workshop Expert Online fully supports EU regulation (EC) No 1222/2009. The tyre database can store fuel efficiency, wet grip performance and road noise data and print the information on invoices.

Point of sale (POS)

The dedicated tyre sales screen provides a quick and easy means of identifying and selling tyres. It features a fully customisable grid supporting search, sort and filter commands, together with quick quote, supplier enquiry/order and 'extras' facilities.

Tyre 'extras'

Multiple 'extras' can be configured for inclusion with each tyre sale (e.g. valve, balance and disposal). All extras can be toggled on/off on the POS screen.

Tyre sales module 2

Show fitted price

By default, the selling price shown in the POS grid is the RRP for a single tyre. Workshop Expert Online can optionally show a fitted price (inclusive or exclusive of VAT), which includes any extras selected and takes into account the quantity required.

Tyre info

Clicking on any tyre part number will pop up a tyre information box showing all the details for that tyre from the database. If available, images will also be displayed.

Online supplier stock

When an online tyre supplier has been configured, Workshop Expert Online can display the supplier's stock alongside your own stock. If the tyre supplier provides an RRP, it will be used to calculate the fitted price, unless a markon has been set for the specific tyre.

Markon matrix

When using the online suppliers, Workshop Expert Online can override the RRP the supplier provides with your own sell price using the markon matrix. Markons can be defined against any combination of specific brands or cost price ranges, using a percentage of the cost price or a fi xed value for the range.

Ordering tyres

Workshop Expert Online provides several options for ordering tyres via the POS screen, including 'online' and 'offline' purchases.

Online tyre orders

Tyres can be ordered electronically from an online tyre supplier by clicking on the order button in POS. The order quantity will take into account your own stock level, and can be manually amended if required.

Offline tyre orders

Offline tyre orders can be created via the POS or stock order screens and transmitted via fax or email.


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