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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use vehicle registration lookup?

Yes, data can be taken directly from DVLA and is supplemented with service and MoT dates and schedules, radio and immobilisers codes and mileage. There are 100 free VRM lookups every month with Workshop Expert.

Can I order parts online?

Yes, once you’ve selected the parts from our extensive catalogue, you can order parts online from your nearest Autoparts branch.

How do I calculate repair times?

Workshop Expert Online includes a repair times database that features hundred of common jobs. Both times and descriptions can be easily incorporated in job cards using any of the pre-defined labour rates.

Does Workshop Expert contain recommended service schedules?

Yes, you can create job cards based on recommended service schedules.

How does it organise my workshop?

Workshop expert contains both an MoT and workshop diary. Diary days are colour coded so that, you can see how many hours are booked in against the maximum available. Jobs booked into the diary are also colour coded to indicate whether or not parts have been ordered.

I sell and fit tyres – can Workshop Expert Online help me grow this area?

Workshop Expert Online includes a dedicated tyre sales module that offers specific functionality for the sale and purchase of tyres. This includes a comprehensive tyre database, tyre sales screen and online ordering.



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